Ultra compact wireless Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for travel. Soundbook GOUltra compact wireless Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for travel. Soundbook GOUltra compact wireless Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for travel. Soundbook GOUltra compact wireless Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for travel. Soundbook GOMini portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker perfect
with IPhone, IPad or Smartphone, SoundbookPortable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Solid
build and powerful sound range, Soundbook X3Wireless Bluetooth audio adaptor to stream music
to any audio system via your phone or tablet,
StreamPort Universal
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About Us

Stunning to hear, elegant on the eyes and designed here in the UK - Bayan Audio

At Bayan we're passionate about simplicity, quality and value.
Founded in 2011 in the United Kingdom, our aim is to create outstanding products to help you enjoy sound wherever you are.

Bayan : We love great sound
We love great sound

In today's world time is precious and choices are endless, so we design products which can be used quickly and easily with your technology to let you enjoy your sound straightaway. Our products work with Audio Systems, Smartphones, Tablets or Notebooks, so wherever you store your sound, we will have a product for you.

Bayan : Natural materials
Natural materials

Whether it's your favourite audio book, podcast series or a concerto by Mozart, we believe you should be able to enjoy it exactly as it was produced, wherever you are. Natural materials such as wood produce the best sound performance so we try where possible to use them in all our products. If we have to use plastic, we make sure it's recycled so we can do our bit for the planet too.

Our focus when we create a product is to produce a natural sound which has depth, balance and clarity. The quality of sounds produced from today's digital, synthesised methods isn't as good after a long period of play, so we avoid these methods and invest more in the quality of the materials we use. When you buy Bayan you can enjoy the simplicity of using our products, but know that internally they are engineered with the latest technology and materials.

Bayan : Reviews

Since we launched our first product in 2011 we've had brilliant reviews from the UK press, with Tech Reviews giving us 10/10 in Jan 2013 and calling the Bayan 3 "...one of the best speakers we've ever tested. Insanely good value for money. One of the most superior iPod/iPhone docking systems on the market". We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service also, so we welcome your feedback and ideas on all things sound or Bayan.

You can buy our products from selected UK and European retailers both on-line and in stores.

Enjoy browsing our website and if you need any help or have any new ideas or feedback, please feel free to get in touch.

Product Reviews

Hi Fi World
Wednesday 30th July 2014

"A superbly designed and great sounding Bluetooth speaker"

Wednesday 30th July 2014

"a meaty speaker which is styled brilliantly and is soaked in quality"
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Digital Spy
Sunday 6th July 2014

"a stylish front panel that pumps out a high quality sound"
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Q Magazine
Tuesday 1st July 2014

"The X3 has a sleek design and a good, beefy sound"

Ideal Home
Tuesday 1st July 2014

"Forgotten your radio? It doubles as an FM radio too"

Know Your Mobile
Wednesday 11th June 2014

"Portable, sexy as hell and capable of producing one hell of a racket"
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The Gadget Consultant
Saturday 31st May 2014

"a balanced, engaging sound"
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Sunday Times Drive and Technology
Sunday 18th May 2014

"Room filling sound from a large device"

Technology X
Saturday 10th May 2014

"built well, looks very clean, has great features and sounds great!"
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Wednesday 30th April 2014

"It's good enough to fill a middle-sized room with sound"
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When you buy any Bayan Audio product you should feel, know and expect great detailed, balanced sound and solid build quality.

If not please contact me directly

Customer Comments

"I was delighted with your customer service and how quickly you sent the replacement without any hassle. Your products are a joy to use and the care I received was second to none."