Mini portable Bluetooth Wireless speaker perfect
with IPhone, IPad or Smartphone, SoundbookPortable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Solid
build and powerful sound range, Soundbook X3Wireless Bluetooth audio adaptor to stream music
to any audio system via your phone or tablet,
StreamPort UniversalApple IPhone, IPod Dock with charge and play dual
docks, 120 watts power and wide deep base, Bayan 7Apple IPhone, IPod Dock with charge and play dual docks,
wide stereo with balanced base and detail , Bayan 5 Apple IPhone, IPod audio dock with charge and play, base
and detail in a black or white modern design , Bayan 3 Apple IPhone, IPod audio dock with charge and play,
amazing sound for size in a black or white modern
design , Bayan 1 Upgrade any Bayan IPod, IPhone Dock to a wireless audio
streaming speaker, Streamport
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The answers to your frequently asked questions

Origin - Bayan Audio is a division of Radiopaq Ltd, incorporated during October 2007 and is based in the United Kingdom. Bayan Audio specializes in design development and manufacturing of home audio products.

Why, when I change the sound profile via the remote control, is there a momentary change in volume?

The momentary change in volume when switching between voice and music sound profiles is an audible confirmation that the profile has been changed. In addition, the power indicator at the top of the dock will change colour to indicate the new setting.

Can I play other makes (non-Apple) of Smart Phones or Tablets on my Bayan Speaker Dock?

Yes, although your Bayan speaker dock is specifically designed with Apple products in mind All Bayan audio products can connect to a music product via the 3.5mm audio jack (Tablet input), and in addition, Bayan 1, 3 and Grand have an additional auxiliary input to enable the connection of a third music device to the Speaker Dock using a 3.5mm audio jack (a suitable 3.5mm cable is required).

How do I connect other makes of audio equipment to my Bayan Speaker Dock using the 3.5mm connection?

At the rear of the Bayan Docking System (Bayan 1, 3 & 5, 7) is a 3.5mm Auxiliary / Tablet input, connect your cable from the desired audio device to this socket and select AUX on the remote control, press play on the audio device (Phone, Tablet or MP3 player) and you should hear the media source playing. All Bayan Docking Systems have an additional Aux / Tablet input " connect the cable from your audio device to this socket and select TABLET on the remote control.

Can I charge my iPad, iPod or iPhone via the Bayan Docking System?

Yes, you can charge by the play/charge deck on the front of the Speaker Dock (Bayan 5 and 7 have two play and charge decks), in addition there is a power USB socket on the rear of your Bayan Speaker Dock to enable charge via a suitable USB lead.

How do I play music from my iPad to my Bayan Speaker Dock?

At the rear of your Bayan Speaker Dock is an iPad audio input, next to the Power USB socket marked "audio" (a suitable 3.5mm cable is required), connect the cable from your iPad to this socket and select "Tablet" on the remote control, press play on your iPad and you should hear the media source playing.

Can I make my Bayan Speaker Dock sound even better when listening to music or speech?

Yes, all Bayan Speaker Docks have two sound profiles "Music" and "Voice", the selection of "Music" or "Voice" is made by pressing the Voice/Music button on the remote control. This will toggle between the two profiles. The illuminated ring at the power button will show Blue for "Music" and White for "Voice".

If I have a non-Apple Smartphone (HTC, Samsung, Blackberry etc,) can I still play my music through my Bayan Speaker Dock ?

Yes, if your phone has a standard 3.5mm jack socket (a suitable 3.5mm cable is required).
At the rear of the Bayan Docking System (Bayan 1, 3 & Grand) is a 3.5mm Auxiliary input (AUX), you can connect the cable from your Smart phone to this socket and select "AUX" on the remote control, press play on your Smart Phone and you should hear the media source playing.

When I charge my iPad via the USB socket at the back of my Bayan speaker dock connected to an iPad dock, I cannot hear any sound played via the iPad audio input on my speaker dock?

Please check that you are using a genuine apple USB cable to charge your iPad " some third party USB cables contain an identification inside them which identify them as a 'charge and power' cable, which can disable the line-out from the iPad so that you cannot get music to play back through the iPad dock - only the headphone socket on the iPad

Why can't I hear anything playing when I connect my iPod / iPhone to the front dock connector?

Make sure that the iPod / iPhone is firmly connected to the dock by removing the iPod / iPhone and re-connecting. Check that the correct sound source button on your remote control has been selected (in this case iPod) and that the volume setting is turned up via the docking station remote control and iPod / iPhone and that the iPod / iPhone is not in the "paused" state. Also check that any additional casing / cover has been removed prior to connection as these may hinder good connectivity.
If you still have the same issue then try a system "reset" by removing the power to the dock, leave for one minute then switch back on and re-connect as above.

I have noticed that the charging symbol is on all the time when my iPod is docked into the front connector, is it OK to leave it connected?

The battery stops charging when it is full. Leaving it connected won't charge it any more. It is perfectly OK to leave it connected so that it can charge overnight, for example.

Can I download the Manual?

Yes, download the Bayan Audio Manual here.

My remote control does not work, why?

There could be many reasons why the remote control does not work.
Have you removed the plastic battery isolation insert from the battery compartment before using the remote control?
Infrared (IR) remote controls use light to transmit signal information, they require line of sight to operate the destination device, so remember to point the remote at the receiver lens on the front of the dock.
Depending on usage, the battery may have "low power" and will require replacing from time to time, replace with the correct type and note the polarity of battery when removing and replacing, (when disposing of old batteries, it is important to observe the recycling laws in your country).
Check battery connectivity by sliding the battery compartment out and then back in so that the compartment is fully inserted and secure.

Where can I buy the new style dock adaptor for my iPhone 5, so I can connect it to my Bayan Dock?

At present, the new style dock adaptor for iPhone 5 compatibility with your Bayan is only available from Apple.
As a temporary measure, you can connect the iPhone 5 using the 3.5mm (Aux/ Tablet) inputs on the rear of the Bayan dock via a 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

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