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Bayan 3

Speaker dock for iPod and iPhone

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Bayan 3 is a unique combination of power, depth and detailed sound. Designed to suit any room, it can easily act as your home's main audio system.

  • 5.25" bass driver, for defined and potent sound
  • 2" speaker driver for mid and high frequency sound with a wide stereo effect and clear vocals "pseudo stereo"
  • 45W power performance for impressive volume output
  • Finely-tuned bass reflex port
  • Full iPod and amplifier IR remote control, with one metre cable for extra Smartphone or MP3 player input
  • Charge and play your Apple iPod device at the same time
Bayan 3

From the design to the sound, the Bayan 3 appears to have performed to the highest standard possible in all tests and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to purchase a sound system for a party, or perhaps just a speaker dock for your bedroom!
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From the design to the sound, the Bayan 3 appears to have performed to the highest standard possible in all tests and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to purchase a sound system for a party, or perhaps just a speaker dock for your bedroom!
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The Bayan Audio 3 is a little dock capable of producing very big sound. With just two speaker drivers, it's mono but embarrasses many other alternatives at this size and price.
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Power Performance

The 45W performance specification drives the speakers with force and efficiency, enabling you to enjoy impressive volume without compromising the clarity and definition of the tracks you enjoy the most.

Pseudo Stereo

The Bayan is designed to deliver a wide sound projection, replicating the effect of a stereo listening experience.

Charge and Play

When you dock either your iPod or iPhone into any of the Bayan Audio systems, they will automatically charge whilst playing music.

TDMA Noise Rejection

Bayan Audio products are approved with Apple's stringent TDMA Noise Rejection tests, to ensure there in no interference from mobile phones or other radio transmitter devices when in use.

Music and Voice sound profiles

If you love to listen to internet radio, audio books or podcasts from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, simply switch your Bayan speaker dock from music mode to voice mode. The result is a clearer, more pronounced voice ensuring you don't miss a thing.

IR Remote Control

The included remote control allows you to control all aspects of the docking system. You can select tracks, play, pause or mute. You can also change the level of bass, treble and volume as well as switch the system to standby mode.

iPad or Tablet charge and play ports

As standard on all Bayan Audio Speaker Docks for iPod, we have incorporated ports at the rear that let you plug in your iPad or Tablet and play it through the docking system. You can also charge the iPad directly from these ports (3.5mm audio + USB A type ports)

Apple Approved

Bayan Audio is an Apple licensed partner. This means that all the systems we use to connect to your Apple device are original Apple parts, including certain control components. Our products have been tested and certified to Apple standards. This ensures you can use your Apple devices with Bayan Audio products with confidence.


The choice of materials used to build Bayan Audio products is key not only to how they look, but also how they perform.
We have encased the main speakers in 9mm thick wood to produce a more natural sound and to reduce the reflections internally. All speaker' frames (which are critical to the sound performance) are made from metal, not plastic. And finally, the amplifier is built using the best components, enabling us to finely tune each Bayan Audio product to achieve the best sound possible for its configuration.

Technical Specification
Amplifier Power Output30W (bass), 15W (full range), Total 45W
Drive Units1 x 125mm (5.25 ) bass, 1 x 50mm (2 ) full range
Frequency Range40 Hz to 18 kHz
THD (total harmonic distortion)< 1.5 %
Power input voltage100V - 240V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
Standby power consumption1W
Inputs30 pin iPod connector, 2 x 3.5mm jack analogue audio, IR remote
OutputsUSB A power output for charging iPAD
Dimensions29cm x 18cm x 23cm
Net Weight2.8Kg
Compatibility with Apple Devices
  • Apple iPods
  • Apple iPads - via media port at the rear
  • All our product are compatible with iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4s.
  • The iPhone 5 can be supported via the USB port and or StreamPort
Compatibility with other audio products
  • All Smartphones via Aux port - 3.5mm Audio cable provided
  • All other makes of MP3 / MP4 Players
  • All media Tablets
  • All Laptops, Notebooks, Ultra notebooks
  • All portable CD and DVD players
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The Gadget Show
Friday 11th January 2013

"As sub £100 speaker docks go the Bayan 3 is one of the best you'll find. It sounds just as good as speakers costing up to three times as much."
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Pride Magazine
Monday 18th June 2012

"Looking for a small speaker but a big sound? The Bayan 3 will give you just that."

Home Cinema Choice
Friday 1st June 2012

"A well engineered device."

Tuesday 1st May 2012

"Sounds small delivers big"

How do I play music from my iPad to my Bayan Speaker Dock?

At the rear of your Bayan Speaker Dock is an iPad audio input, next to the Power USB socket marked "audio" (a suitable 3.5mm cable is required), connect the cable from your iPad to this socket and select "Tablet" on the remote control, press play on your iPad and you should hear the media source playing.

Why, when I change the sound profile via the remote control, is there a momentary change in volume?

On some early models, there is a momentary change in volume when switching between voice and music sound profiles, this is an audible confirmation that the profile has been changed. In addition, the power indicator at the top of the dock will change colour to indicate the new setting.

Can I play other makes (non-Apple) of Smart Phones or Tablets on my Bayan Speaker Dock?

Yes, although your Bayan speaker dock is specifically designed with Apple products in mind All Bayan audio products can connect to a music product via the 3.5mm audio jack (Tablet input), and in addition, Bayan 1, 3 and Grand have an additional auxiliary input to enable the connection of a third music device to the Speaker Dock using a 3.5mm audio jack (a suitable 3.5mm cable is required). You can also connect a device via Bluetoogh if you have purchased the Bayan StreamPort adaptor.

How do I connect other makes of audio equipment to my Bayan Speaker Dock using the 3.5mm connection?

At the rear of the Bayan Docking System (Bayan 1, 3 & 5, 7) is a 3.5mm Auxiliary / Tablet input, connect your cable from the desired audio device to this socket and select AUX on the remote control, press play on the audio device (Phone, Tablet or MP3 player) and you should hear the media source playing. All Bayan Docking Systems have an additional Aux / Tablet input " connect the cable from your audio device to this socket and select TABLET on the remote control.

When I charge my iPad via the USB socket at the back of my Bayan speaker dock connected to an iPad dock, I cannot hear any sound played via the iPad audio input on my speaker dock?

Please check that you are using a genuine apple USB cable to charge your iPad " some third party USB cables contain an identification inside them which identify them as a 'charge and power' cable, which can disable the line-out from the iPad so that you cannot get music to play back through the iPad dock - only the headphone socket on the iPad

Why can't I hear anything playing when I connect my iPod / iPhone to the front dock connector?

Make sure that the iPod / iPhone is firmly connected to the dock by removing the iPod / iPhone and re-connecting. Check that the correct sound source button on your remote control has been selected (in this case iPod) and that the volume setting is turned up via the docking station remote control and iPod / iPhone and that the iPod / iPhone is not in the "paused" state. Also check that any additional casing / cover has been removed prior to connection as these may hinder good connectivity.
If you still have the same issue then try a system "reset" by removing the power to the dock, leave for one minute then switch back on and re-connect as above.

I have noticed that the charging symbol is on all the time when my iPod is docked into the front connector, is it OK to leave it connected?

The battery stops charging when it is full. Leaving it connected won't charge it any more. It is perfectly OK to leave it connected so that it can charge overnight, for example.

My remote control does not work, why?

Have you removed the plastic battery isolation insert from the battery compartment before using the remote control?
Infrared (IR) remote controls use light to transmit signal information, they require line of sight to operate the destination device, so remember to point the remote at the receiver lens on the front of the dock.
Depending on usage, the battery may have "low power" and will require replacing from time to time, replace with the correct type and note the polarity of battery when removing and replacing, (when disposing of old batteries, it is important to observe the recycling laws in your country).
Check battery connectivity by sliding the battery compartment out and then back in so that the compartment is fully inserted and secure.

Can I use the iPhone 5 on my iPhone dock?

No, the iPhone 5 has the new style connector, however, If you want to use an iPhone 5 and later style iPods on our current range, (we are movong over to a wireless functionality) then you would need to buy an additional bluetooth wireless adaptor such as the Bayan StreamPort or Bayan StreamPort Universal, which plugs into the rear of the Bayan Dock, you would then be able to use the iPhone wirelessly, however, you could still not use the front connector to play or charge the iPhone 5.

Can I download the Manual for my Bayan Dock?

Yes, download the Bayan Audio Manual here.

The 'Menu' button on my remote control does not work

Apple only support the 'Menu' remote control option on non-touch screen devices such as the iPod Classic, unfortunately not with touch-screen devices such as the iPod Touch or iPhone.

30 Day Home Trial

Try our products out at home - risk free (UK only)

We know that buying new audio equipment is a big deal, so we want you to feel confident that the Bayan Audio product which you buy is right for you.

With Bayan Audio's 30 Day Home Trial, you can try a product at home and make sure that you're completely happy with it. If you're not, just box it up, give us a call on 0844 800 3480 and we'll pick it up and refund you.

There are some terms and conditions to this offer - you can read the 30 Day Home Trial details here